Home again

OMG, I didn’t realise I haven’t posted for 2 months already! Time flies!

Okay, updates… updates… I’ve officially moved back from KL to JB for about 3 weeks. I had mixed emotions at first but as of now, it’s all back to “home sweet home”. You can’t blame me for missing KL a little – it’s more exciting over there. My besties and buddies are all there. They are my “makan kaki” and “shopping kaki”. Plus, KL is not only a shopping haven but also a nice city with just about any interesting weekday/weekend activities to keep you occupied! And I was never really “free” in KL. At times it was exhausting, but most of the days I’m a lark. Work was busy and up-to-the-neck and stressful and all, but I never had the dreaded feeling of not wanting to go to work each morning like I did before I chose to pursue my studies. My work and studies gave me a sense of purpose :) Plus, I met a lot of wonderful colleagues and we all became fast friends. We just had a farewell gathering 3 weeks ago as we would be posted to different hospitals in different cities/states later on and now there’s already a proposal for a reunion. I was like, what?! We just said goodbye and parted in less than a month! Haha…

And I’m missing my BFFs too! We all had such wonderful times together that I guess I don’t mind being an only child for they are just like blood-sisters to me. Thanks, Sin for having me around you and in you house especially during the weekends! Thanks, Jas… it was fun to do things together again after so long but too bad you have to leave in just a week :( Thanks, Jiun for all your funny antiqs and company… God knows when I get to see you again since you are also leaving soon! Hee, I just have to say it although she doesn’t even have the slightest idea about the existence of my blog :p

Home again means I get to roll around in my king-size bed and enjoy the chilly air from the air-conditioner. It also means I get to laze on the sofa watching Singapore channels after work. I get to cook and do my laundry anytime I want to. But most of all, home means the much awaited return to Ethan’s side :D No phone calls, SMS or whatsapp messages can beat spending time with the real person :)

My new hospital is the state mental institution which caters psychiatric services for the population in the south and east of Peninsular Malaysia and trust me, that’s a lot of work! I’m still adapting to my new working place as I’ve grown to accustomed to general hospital settings for the past 4 years of my working life as a doctor. I’m currently in charge of the acute female admission ward which houses about 30 patients. My first call last Sunday was quite okay but I felt as if I was walking around a haunted castle. The hospital is just too old and quiet. I’m glad we are moving to a new hospital building early next year!

As for my studies, I guess I REALLY HAVE TO BUCK UP. Boy, I always say that but it’s so difficult to get out of holiday mode :P Okies, I think I better read up a little before bed. Till the next post!

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