Dusting off the cobwebs

*sheepish grin*

I guess the post title is most apt. It’s been ages since I last posted and gosh, this place is filled with cobwebs and spiders already! :p

So much has happened. Some quick updates:

1. I’ve gotten a dog and OMG I’m so in love with him!! His name is Lexy – in case you are wondering why on earth do we give him a female-ish name, Ethan started with that and the dog responded and so it got stuck. So it’s nothing near gender confusion. Well, anyway… this boy is a border collie crossed with pembroke welsh corgi and he’s the cutest thing! We have been searching for a dog for a long time but when we first set our eyes on Lexy we knew he’s the one! I’ll put up some of his pictures soonish when I’ve the time (gotta find the time sometime soon) :D

2, Hospital Permai is moving to a new site! I’ve been away during the move last weekend so I’m quite excited about reporting back to work next week. The new hospital is beautiful but alas, this is what my boss would say “a step backwards in modern psychiatry”. Well, people don’t build mental institutions anymore. We’d rather spend the money on better, modern interventions but certain “people” are in play here so this becomes inevitable. Anyway, boss says not to let what’s happened upset you but to focus on what you can do better in the future :)

3. My Part 1 exams is a month away and this means I’ll have to spend more time studying. Passing rate is only 30% but I’ll try my best. Have to keep reminding myself that I really need to pass but if I do fail, it’s not the end of the world. Just to lift off the stress abit, heh.

Hmm… nowadays stress just builds up and you wonder when you will go pop. I sure do miss those stress-free days!

Ah well, tomorrow’s a brand new day so I’d better cheer up and buck up!! God bless me…


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5 Comments on “Dusting off the cobwebs”

  1. swallowyen Says:

    Woh, you got a new dog! Can’t wait to see your dog pic. Did you buy it or adopt it as puppy?

    Where is the location of hospital permai now? No longer in Tampoi? Isn’t it far for you to drive down there?

    All the best to your exam! =)

  2. Cyanide Says:

    swallowyen: yup, I did! :) We bought him from a pet shop. It was a spontaneous affair! I guess this is so with love at first sight :D

    The new site of HPJB is just on another piece of land right behind the old site (yeah… silly, right?) It’s along Persiaran Kempas. It’s not far from my house, about 15-20mins drive.

    Thanks… I really need luck this coming exam :)

  3. swallowyen Says:

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time. I sense that you are using your heart to treat your patient. Last night my fren who is working as social worker told me about how some psychiatrists in Melb were not very empathic and even made the patients felt worsen! Therefore, I really wish you to complete the specialise training and become a good psychiatrist and adding hope to the future of mental health field in Msia =)

  4. swallowyen Says:

    Oh ya, forgot to ask you: how much you bought your puppy?? kepo a bit, haha. I am dog lover and of course curious about puppy price in JB =)

  5. Cyanide Says:

    swallowyen: i bought lexy for rm600. not pure breed or champion breed, etc. he was 3 months old. we chanced upon him in a pet shop in Impian Emas. puppy price is quite expensive in jb. maybe you can also visit spca’s shelter in jb? we were planning to do so coz we heard there are lots of nice pups there too… :)

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