Lexy boy!



Today he’s 6 months old! Time passed too quickly… I hadn’t got enough of him as a puppy and now he’s much bigger – with a character of his own!

We are still at the chew/nip-everything-and-anything stage and it was frustrating in the beginning but now we’ve gotten used to it… the damage done, the training and spoiling too. He really has a high need for mental activity and believe me, this is actually more difficult than a dog with demanding need for physical activities.

Above all, we love him to bits.

Well, I guess dogs have a unique way of teaching us about life and love. They are God-sent.

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3 Comments on “Lexy boy!”

  1. Bird Says:

    The moment I opened your blog, the dog’s picture caught my attention! Mental activities? He looks like an energetic and cheerful doggie =)

  2. jellio Says:

    i just love his smile! melts the heart through and through… ;)

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