What to do when doctors are RUDE?

I was astounded by what I saw from my daily Blog Stats report today. One special section keeps track of search engine terms that people use to find my blog. Just yesterday, somebody typed “what to do when doctor is rude” on Google and subsequently clicked on this entry which I’ve posted weeks ago. I couldn’t help but to feel amused. Nowadays, people just “google-ed” everything and anything! I tried to google the same phrase and true enough, my post and blog appeared on the 4th place in the results list! I tried “rude doctor” and kept my fingers crossed. Gee, thank God my site was not linked to that 2 reputation-damaging words. Well, at least not in the first 10 results.

Anyway, I’ve no idea who google-ed “what to do when doctor is rude” but I bet he/she must have had some unpleasant experiences with such doctors. Argh, those black sheep really do make everyone in the profession look bad. Maybe these can help the next time you bump into yet another rude, sarcastic and insensitive doctor

  1. Mildly rude – If you’re the patient and understanding kind, try to forgive and forget? Maybe he had a really bad day(s) and thus the slight change in mannerism. If you don’t feel like an angel that particular day, shoot him back wth an irritated look (frowning eyes and pursed lips may work). He’ll probably catch the hint and keep the consultation short and sweet.
  2. Rude and he deserves no angel-treatment from you – Say something. Be straight forward. “Had a rough day/bad morning? You sound a bit edgy today.” of “I don’t really like the way you spoke to me just now” That should remind him to keep his manners in check. But don’t forget to keep yours in check too. Show him how a civilized person should behave.
  3. Downright rude you just wanna give him a tight slap – Now, don’t slap him. You’ll only land yourself in big trouble. He’s rude and annoying? Tell him straight to his face. Say it all out loud and clear, preferably in front of his colleagues, nurses or patients so that he’ll think twice before he lashes back at you in loud decibels or profanity. Phrase your sentences so polite that it stings. Add lots of sarcasm. I mean, LOTS – coz most doctors are immune to sarcasm after years of training in medical school and then in real practice itself. If need be, file a complaint letter to his superior or the appropriate authorities.

It’s late and this is the best I can come up with. Any better suggestions? Feel free to throw them in here. Hopefully the next time when someone else googles “what to do when doctor is rude”, they’ll see a selection of good ideas ;)

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17 Comments on “What to do when doctors are RUDE?”

  1. Maria Says:

    That’s good actually, you get more traffic from search engines!

  2. Annie Says:

    Dr Zokhumi Peoy from Penang Adventist Hospital-Penang Malaysia was rude,unfriendly,etc…She will never look at you and when you ask any questions,she just ignored and pretended she cant hear you.The nurses are well manners but not “this doctor”!!!!!

  3. Mary Says:

    I saw an extremely rude specialist today. He didn’t have the courtesy to close the door before I told him my history. He then asked me if I did such and such and when I answered yes, he said “WELL DON’T”.
    Not only that, but I brought in an operative report from a previous surgeon in the US so this Canadian doctor could review it. He responded by saying, I think this guy has died now, and I don’t need to see that! I believe that could be described as the height of both arrogance and extremely poor manners.
    This rude physician was I am sure just out of his residency program. I was so shocked I couldn’t say anything!! But, I won’t ever see him again – and I’ll be sure to tell all my colleagues about him – after all I am also in the medical profession.

  4. Sandra Says:

    I was seen by the doctors assistant and she was down right evil. I decided not to have back surgery and was told to come in and talk about my concerns. When I did this she attacked me with (you drove here today to your appointment so as far as I see there’s nothing wrong with you)you’ll be returning to work.
    I’ve been out of work a year been thru therapy and 3 epideral shots on pain management to level my pain to a 6 at times. Now workers comp is siding with her and they are putting me through a back to work rights program…

  5. jessica Says:

    I went to an orthepidic doctor after going through a month of straight pain all over my back mainly my lower back. and previously seeinga physical therapy the er and the Obgyn. Which all led the the jerk doctor Michael J Jaffe of the salt lake intermountain clinic. I was previously addicted to pain pills which i went to a methodone clinic and i can happily say I am clean and sober from those evils. I don’t want any pills. and when I told Dr Jaffe That i used to be an addict he then ONLY looked at me as an addict first words “if you want pain pills go to a pain clinic or back to the methodone clinic” i told him I want my back fixed. he then said “well lets do an opiate withdrawl test” Which i passed. He would interrupt me when i would say other problems and pains i was having and told him i have been out of work a month because my job requires sitting down for 10 hours a day. He gave me xrays and said “your fine i see slight scroliosis, but thats pretty much normal” I started crying because I want to know whats wrong he then says “you know i’m staying after work becasue of you” he told me to go back to work 4 hours a day for the next 2 weeks, I asked what if it makes my pain worse? he literally said “Deal with it” and prescribed my klonapin for withdrawl symptoms. then he said schedule back in a month if your in pain still otherwise just cancel and don’t come back… do you think that is proper of a doctor to do that? i even asked him if he could excuse me from work that day 1/4/09 he said no.. well i will just write a note saying you saw me today but thats it.

  6. offended patient Says:

    Dr. Do Ouro of Beth Israel in Manhattan is completely rude and insensitive! I was referred to her for pain mgmt since no other doctors have been able to help with chronic crushing pain for months. My first interaction was her yelling at me because my records weren’t forwarded. She went on to say she was busy, that I had more time than her and needed to basically act as a health admin. She allowed visit to be interrupted by 4 other staff members coming in and out holding conversations with them while ignoring anything I had to say and talking over me. D
    o not see this doctor!

  7. private Says:

    DR. BRIAN TIFFANY, CHANDLER HOSPITAL ON DOBSON ROAD IN ARIZONA. Met him in the E.R. Worst hostile,bully personality ever. Doesn’t mind upsetting fragile patients and their families. You can tell him to his face that he’s being offensive and it won’t change a thing because I certainly told him and he didn’t adjust himself. Now I’m telling everyone else.

  8. Peggy Manton- Williams Says:

    If you don’t like rude doctors give Kim zambelli at Victoria point QLD a miss.. Worst bedside manner ever!

  9. JessWright Says:

    My last appt. in Feb 2011, I informed Dr. M Mohabubur Rahman MD (Macon Medical Clinit in Macon, GA)that I’d soon be w/o health insurance due to resigning from my job. I asked him for a referral to a hearing specialist since I’ve been experiencing poor hearing for a while. I was told to go up front and the receptionist will “set something up”. The receptionist was unable to make the appt. and I was asked to call back later in the week. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t call back until a month later and when I did I was told that “it wasn’t in the notes” and that “I’d have to come back for another visit”. I was told that a message would be left for Dr. Rahman to call me. Dr. Rahman called me upset and accused me of calling him and his staff a liar. Not once did I accuse he or his staff of lying and was taken by surprise. He constantlly cut me off and would not even “try” to listen to me as he continued to overtalk me and told me if I didn’t like it “to see someone else”. Dr. Rahman was rude, unprofessional and spoke to me very nasty. This is completely unacceptable as Dr. Rahman showed no regard for me as a patient, or a person. The level of respect in which he spoke to me was that of a dog. Dr. Rahman called me back to argue for merely “suggesting” that he could have possibly made an error. When I informed him that I didn’t appreciate his tone and disrespect of “cutting me off” his suggestion was that I “go see someone else”. I was completely disappointed by this blatant level of disrespect from Dr. Rahman.

  10. Alison H Says:

    If you are ever unfortunate to be sick and live in Bondi, Australia, do your research. Do Not ever go to SPRING STREET MEDICAL CENTRE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Apart from rude, arrogant, horrible receptionists & staff, they’ve been sued for gross negligence. I have had only horrible demeaning experiences there. Given Misinformation, stuffed around several times, forced to wait for urgent matters, was accused of being an addict/on drugs due to my speech (I had other neurological dysfunction which I explained) etc. Disgusted by my treatment.

    Other highly rude and incompetent doctors are currently at the other medical place on Spring and Bondi Westfield’s Medical Centre – where a rude south african doctor would berate me for asking questions, ask me WHY I wanted to know things, and told me “Just take it. You dont need to know” when I was trying to clarify the effects a medication would have on me, would not explain test results till I reminded him that I have a legal right to know. Plus spoke to me in such a condescending manner when I made suggestions regarding my health and told me I was making things up – yes, others have some experience in medical areas and so I guess that makes the 4 highly experienced specialists all wrong in their tested and confirmed diagnoses – which he was discrediting. What an effing wanker! Never again!

    If you care about your health, and are looking for trustworthy doctors in this area, then I highly urge you to go somewhere else that feels less like a fast food joint.

    Dont forget that you can always request a particular doctor, and should speak up if you do not understand something. Good luck! I truly praise all the great dr’s out there and hope your patient experiences are more rosy.

  11. Anthony Muzio Says:

    Dr.DoOuro Has given me the chance to REGAIN MY LIFE…..I have Been in horrible back pain for over a year..Today I sit in her office awaiting a SPINAL STIMULATOR IMPLANT..After a successful TRIAL.I am sitting her with a sun tan..Something I have not had for over a year..Im not saying I can lift weights …But I can sure dream…Thank you DR. DoOuro…p.s. I had a tumor removed from my spine in 2010 and have been in severe pain and under the care of a different pain management doctor who FAILED in implantint the trial device. Dr.DoOuro was persistent and…..CHANGED MY LIFE….Less Pain medication and more MOBILITY….THANKS

  12. I just had a HORRIBLE experience in the ER tonight. First of all let me start by saying I’ve been living with horrible pain since I was.16 years old, for the past 18 years of my life. I remember what it’s like to not have that pain, and I resent it when I have to have an arrogant doctor tell me I have a low pain tolerance or that it’s all in how I perceive it, when I have to live in my body and they don’t. So anyway I came in for nausea and the doctor decided to take issue with the fact my doctor treats it with opiates. It’s none of his business how my doctor chooses to treat my pain. He actually came out and said that not only was my pain not that bad (how he thinks he knows this amazes he) but that he thought I was exaggerating my nausea as well. I would love to see him have to endure the pain I do and see his reaction when someone tells him they know better then he about it. Arrogant jerk!

  13. Watch out for Dr. Gaudio of Peoria, Il OSF. Total jerk! Came in for nausea and he had the nerve to tell me I was exaggerating it! Also didnt agree with the pain meds my doctor has me on for chronic pain and had the nerve to tell me he knew better than I did about how much pain I am dealing with! I didn’t ask for any pain meds, so he should have butted out! I could not believe how rude and arrogant he was!

  14. Dr.Do’Ouro is an extremely talented surgeon. She appears to work under a crushing workload.
    The hospital seems more concerned with billing than anything else.
    My only peave is that the bill for re-filling my pump has gone, within one year, from under a thousand to over three!
    I’m usually filled in the waiting room with no fluoroscopic guidance.
    There is no reasoning behind the numbers other than what they can get away with. The insurance submits to it like a proverbial slaughtered lamb.
    I’m dismayed by the extent of the rot.

  15. PaulD Says:

    I live in Melbourne Australia. I went to a surgeon to whom I was referred 3 weeks ago as I have a hernia.

    At the suggestion of my GP, I took along a recent suite of blood tests and a personal record I keep of my diet and glucose readings and other comments for the preceding two weeks. After commenting ‘well what’s this all about, tease it out for me” which I did by showing him where I had noted the appearance of the hernia. He then looked at my record and said “Well this is a heap of shit!” (My GP finds it very helpful).

    I asked him what he meant and he said, “Well you had bacon and egg for breakfast”. I said the diet is not perfect but it is what I have, and a personal trainer at the gym recommended that breakfast at some stage. He said, “What would they know about diets? They shouldn’t be making recommendations about diets for type 2 diabetics. I will refer you to my dietician….and when you have lost some weight (about 3 months) I will operate. That will save me cutting through your fat. I could do it next week if you are going overseas or somewhere remote….” He didn’t weigh me – I could do to lose a few kilograms and will do so but his rudeness was beyond belief. He didn’t ask me if I already have a dietician/diabetes counsellor (I do).

    I have had to deal with difficult people in my career but I can’t remember anyone being so personally and unnecessarily offensive. I have stewed on it for 3 weeks and have decided to go back to GP to get another referral.

  16. Janice Says:

    I have seen many doctors who are rude and do not want to listen. I think they must suffer from a God complex or just like to make people’s life miserable. I saw a doctor this last week I had swore to never see again. Well; I did because the doctor I normally see was out of town. He spoke to me like I was an idiot and wanted me to write down everything that was wrong with me plus all my meds because he did not have time to read my medical records!!! What is he getting paid for??? I am now looking for a new clinic… I hope the new doctor is not worse than this one. My husband witnessed how rude he was to me and some of the things he said were lies because my mother in law see him. I quit seeing this doctor years ago because during a check up he asked me out on a date. I refused saying I was married. I do not think that is very good ethics. I feel like I was and am being threatened with medications being taken away by both doctors; the medicines help me function somewhat during the day.

  17. Wynona Says:

    Dr. Mark Dollar in West Monroe, Louisiana was so rude. I went to him for help with anxiety. I lost my son six years ago and living has become laborious. My daily functioning has significantly decreased. I was told to just be open and honest with a doctor. Dr. Dollar talked over me to my friend that came with me. He said, “She can’t even answer the question I asked.” He continued with…..”Are you sure you’re not on any medication?” three times. “You don’t need Xanax. You’ll just get it from somewhere but not through me.” When he kept interrupting and cutting me off, I said, “No, you don’t understand.” His response was “I do understand because I have a medical degree from LSU.” When I said, “Please help me. I’m going to lose my job unless I do some intensive help now.” He was so professional when he said, “You’re gonna lose your job.” “I’ve been through Mangham and that’s probably the only good job you’ll get.”

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